The EyebotCamera Plugin


The EyebotCamerPlugin extends subsim with the EyebotCamera Functions. At the present state not all functions and cameras are implemented. The plugin also has a GUI that can be used to watch the subsim scene from a cameraperspective of every object, or to find out the correct camera settings for a new camera on your auv with the debug mode.

Note: If the plugin is running in visible mode, it slows down the subsim framerate.



On the right side are all SubSim cameras listed in the format,
<object-name>:<camera-name>. Clicking on one of the cameras changes the sceneview in the
plugin-canvas to the viewing angle of the selected camera.
Reload: It may occur that the plugin hasn't loaded the cameras correctly. This occurs if
the plugin starts before SubSim parses all the camera entries. If this is the case just
choose the reload entry and all cameras will be reloaded and displayed correctly in the
The debug panel provides help for people creating there own AUVs equipped with cameras.

The Debug Panel

With this panel the choosen camera can be moved and rotated. The PosRatio and the RotRatio build a divisor for the Pos and Rot values. So if you have adjusted the camera in the way you wanna have it, you can calculate the values for the camera xml entry with <Position x="PosX/PosRatio" ... and the same way for the <Rotation ... values.

If you would like to see the position of the camera on the AUV, just enable the
SubSim->visualize->camera menu entry. This allows you to watch the cameras position on
the AUV on the SubSim window and the cameras view on the
plugin window, while you can adjust the camera on the AUV.

Current supported EyeBot Commands:

Example: /examples/examples-high/Camera