The SubSim GUI

Controlling the View

Sliders (3-8)

The view can be controlled by the sliders (3-7)

Mouse and Keyboard

To move the camera with the mouse, move the mouse pointer inside the main window, press and hold the left mouse button, then drag the mouse pointer across the screen.  The motion of the camera approximates a "trackball", meaning the view changes as if there was a large ball that you were spinning by clicking and dragging it. The following table lists the keys and their affect on the view. UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT refer to the arrow keys.  A plus sign means that keys must be depressed at the same time

UP Pan camera up
DOWN Pan camera down
LEFT Pan camera to left
RIGHT Pan camera to right
CTRL + UP Move camera forward
CTRL + DOWN Move camera backward
CTRL + LEFT Rotate camera to left
CTRL + RIGHT Rotate camera to right
SHIFT + CTRL + UP Rotate camera up
SHIFT + CTRL + DOWN Rotate camera down

The Message window (2)

The Message window is currently used to display notes from the simulation file.

The Menubar




Under the tools all the loaded plugins are listed, if you click on one of the plugins with an own GUI the plugin GUI will appear if it is hidden by default.


With these options you have the possibility to make the sensors, that the submarine is equiped with, visible in the simulator. This makes it easy to see the sensor orientation and also at what time what sensor is used for a sensor reading.