Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Information Technology

Computer Systems and Communications (620.163)

Lecturer: A/Prof Thomas Bräunl

Semester 2 - 4 points


1. To understand the principle of a microprocessor/microcontroller
2. To be able to build a microprocessor board with interfaces
3. To be able to program in assembly language (Motorola 68,000)
4. To be able to interface C and assembly language programs

Unit Description

This unit includes the following topics:

Computer Systems; ALU design; CU design; CPU design; Board design; Communication Interfaces; Instruction Set MC68332; Adressing Modes MC68332; Assembly language programming MC68332; Programming tools; Combining C and Assembly Programs;

Contact Hours

Semester 2
 Type Hours Day Time Location Group
 Lectures  26 hrs  Tuesday  2-3pm  Weatherburn
 Wednesday  11-12pm  Weatherburn
 Tutorials  12 hrs  daily  check table  --  check
 Labs  18 hrs  daily  3 h, check  G02  check

Tutorials start in week 2, Labs start in week 3.
Students should work in groups of two, so please find a partner from the same lab group.

Tutorial and Lab assignments are available on the web. Due dates are at the end of each lab session.

Unit Co-ordinator: Associate Professor Thomas Bräunl

Tutors / Lab Supervisors: Tyrone Fernando


Thomas Harman: The Motorola MC68332 Microcontroller, Prentice-Hall, 1991
Thomas Harman: The Motorola MC68000 Microprocessor Family, Prentice-Hall, 1996
Niklaus Wirth: Digital Circuit Design, Springer, 1995

Course Notes: on the web (pdf format)

Tutorials: see link

Tutorial Solutions: see link

Lab Assignments: see link

Previous Exams: see link

Further Web-Pages: see link


Assessment information applies to semester 2
Type % of final mark Week due in each semester
 Lab 1  5%  due end of week 3
 Lab 2  5%  due week 4+5
 Lab 3  5%  due week 6+7
 Lab 4  5%  due week 8+9
 Lab 5  5%  due week 10+11
 Lab 6  5%  due week 12+13
  Final examination
 (3 hours, open book)

Lab 1 will be run as a take-home assignment and must be completed by each student individually. Labs 2-6 will be done in groups of two students, all work submitted must be the group's own work.


Assignments and labs will receive a 20% penalty for each day late.


See faculty policy on plagiarism.
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