1. ALU Design
  2. CPU Design
  3. Assembly for MC68332
  4. C Programming, Servos
  5. Sensors, LCD Output
  6. Motor Control
  7. Position Control
  8. PSD, Electromagnet
  9. Camera Interface
  10. Image Processing

Digital & Embedded Systems
Online Tutorials


Welcome to the online tutorials for Digital & Embedded Systems.

The tutorials in this directory are for self-study and are in addition to the regular tutorials for this unit, which are in a separate directory and are presented in a lecture theatre.

Each laboratory is meant to teach you some basic knowledge about embedded computing and sensor integration. Each session will build upon knowledge learned in the past ones, resulting in a complete system at the end of the course.

The general course information can be found here.
For information regarding the mobile robotics, look here.

These tutorials have been written by Joshua Petitt and Thomas Bräunl.