Welcome to the EyeBot  Version 7 - RPi1
A Controller For Various Hardware IO
EyeBot 7 API


An API to desribe the available functions on the EyeBot 7. This enables users to control hardware components connected to the IO board like:

The EyeBot 7 API also contains functions for controlling Raspberry Pi specific functions:

As well as some core functionality:

All configurations are able to be set inside the hdt file (hardware description table) (eg. no motors, tables, SSID, drive, USB serial params) default location: /home/pi/eyebot/bin/hdt.txt

You can also access this page when connected to the EyeBot via its IP Address


Programs requiring the usage of the functions defined here must:

  1. Use the header command: #include "eyebot.h"
  2. Compile the program with command line: gccarm (takes place of gcc compiler) The usual arguments to the compiler are also available


The EyeBot 7 was designed, created and programmed at the University of Western Australia by:

Director: Professor Thomas Braunl

Advisor: Ivan Neubronner

Hardware: Franco Hidalgo (2015) & Thomas Smith (2014)

Software: Marcus Pham (2015) & Stuart Howard (2014)

Additional Credit: Remi Keat (2013), Ke Feng - Image Processing (2015), Scott Mon (2015)