Computer Graphics Hardware and Algorithms 215 (623.215)


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The Laboratories

The course consists of 3 Introductory Labs followed by 4 Assessed Labs. The assessed labs will be collected electronically from your
/usr/local/units/cgha215/labs/submit/<your login name>/
directory at the appropriate time. (Please check that you have one of these directories)

Lab Number Title Weeks allocated Date due
Intro Lab 1 GL Utility Toolkit Week 2 not collected
Intro Lab 2 More GLUT and OpenGL Week 3 not collected
Intro Lab 3 More OpenGL Week 4 not collected
Animation Tutorial POV Ray Week 10 not collected
Assessed Lab 1 Pong Game Weeks 5 & 6 5pm. Aug 25
Assessed Lab 2 Painters Algorithm Weeks 7 & 8 5pm. Sept 8
Assessed Lab 3 Driving Simulation Weeks 9 & 10 5pm. Oct 6
Assessed Lab 4 POV-Ray Weeks 11 & 12 5pm. Oct 20


Each assignment must be documented using doc++. To help you out I have put up an example into the /usr/local/units/cgha215/labs/doc++/ directory. Copy it into your own directory and type make docs to generate the documentation. You can look at the generated documentation by opening a web browser and going to the file docs/index.html.
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Philip Dunstan