Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Information Technology

High Performace Embedded Systems (ENGT8315)

Lecturer: A/Prof Thomas Bräunl
Room: 4.15
Fax: 6488-1168

Semester 1, 6 points

Students gain an understanding of the design and development of advanced embedded systems as used in mobile telecommunications systems, intelligent transportation systems, flexible manufacturing and automation systems, and related application areas; perform problem identification, formulation and solution in the context of a systems-based approach; and gain in-depth technical competence in the area of advanced computer systems engineering for high-performance and real-time embedded systems.

The topics covered in this unit are requirements analysis for high-performance embedded systems, system design for high-performance embedded systems, hardware design of high-performance embedded systems (single-board solutions, system-on-chip solutions), software design for high-performance embedded systems, testing and debugging of high-performance embedded systems (life cycle issues, risk-based test strategies, quality assessment), simulation and prototyping; real-time embedded systems: specification of real-time embedded systems (RT-UML, timed Petri nets, real-time logic), design of real-time embedded systems (RT-patterns, generalised RT-scheduling theory), performance modelling (discrete-event and hybrid control approaches), implementation, benchmarking and testing of real-time embedded systems; applications for high-performance embedded systems: intelligent and knowledge-based systems, mobile systems, telecommunication systems.

In-depth technical competence in the subject matter is assessed by examination and assignment. Teamwork is assessed in a group laboratory report and demonstration of a developed and tested system.

Contact Hours
 Type Hours Start Note
 Lectures  36 hrs comb.   week 1 combined block of
 Labs  week 2
For days, time and venues, see: www.timetable.uwa.edu.au

Unit Co-ordinator:           Associate Professor Thomas Bräunl
Tutors / Lab Supervisors: Adrian Boeing , James Ng

Textbooks:         none

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Lab Assignments:    see link
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Unit Structure

  1. Introduction
  2. C and C++ Programming (4 weeks)
  3. Hardware Platforms and Device Drivers (4 weeks)
  4. Real-time Image Processing (4 weeks)

Type % of final mark Comments

Labs 1-5

C++ Test

Seminar Report
Seminar presentation




  • 6% per lab .
  • In-class test
  • To be completed by end of Semester
No final examination    

Each lab is due at the end of the scheduled session.
Seminar reports will receive a 20% penalty for each day late.

All work submitted must be the student's (or group's, resp.) own work.
Citations must be clearly marked as such.
See the faculty policy on plagiarism

See the faculty policy for scaling marks.

See the faculty policy for appeals.

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