Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Information Technology

Robotics (GENG5508)

Unit Coord.: Professor Thomas Bräunl
Room: 4.15
Phone: 6488-1763

Semester 2, 6 points

Communication Capabilities
- Discuss the history and evolution of applications of robotics systems and embedded control systems
- Demonstrate basic procedural skills
- Practice enquiry based thinking through foundation knowledge and exploration of conventional and potential applications
Research Capabilities
- Practice of enquiry based thinking through foundation knowledge and exploration of conventional and potential applications
Technical and other capabilities (professional development)
- Develop and code robot-specific algorithms
- Apply specific AI methods when appropriate
- Effectively use a robot simulation system and physical robot

Introduction and history, Automation, Automotive Systems, Robot Manipulators, Mobile Robots, Kinematics, Localization, Navigation, Mapping, Robot Vision, AI for Robotics

The outcome of in-depth technical competence is assessed via written tests. The outcome of student group work is assessed in assignments and laboratory reports. Individual student skills are assessed via a written report on a robotics project.

Contact Hours
 Type Hours
 Lectures  36 hrs
 Lab Preparation
   8 hrs
 Labs    8 sessions

For dates, times and venues, see: www.timetable.uwa.edu.au
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Unit Co-ordinator Professor Thomas Bräunl, EE 4.15
Tutors / Lab Supervisors Travis Povey, Joel Frewin
Project Supervisors Kai Li Lim
Textbooks Embedded Robotics, 3rd Ed., Springer 2008
  Schaum's Outline of Programming with C, 2nd Edition Byron Gottfried Publisher: McGraw-Hill 1996
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Labs Assignments
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Project General
Excursions Fiona Stanley Hospital, 21. Sep. 2017
Woodside, 12. Oct. 2017
Photos and Videos 2017
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Type Duration Mark Comments
8 weeks
Individual / groups of 2
Project 6 weeks
Groups of 4
Midterm 1 -
Midterm 2

Each lab is due at the end of the scheduled session, no late submissions will be accepted.
Assignments and reports will receive a 20% penalty for each day late.

All work submitted must be the student's (or group's, resp.) own work.
Citations must be clearly marked as such.

Faculty policies apply for Penalties, Plagiarism, Scaling, and Appeals.

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