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PS/2 to Serial Mouse Adapter

This adapter will enable you to use a mouse with a 6 pin Mini-DIN (PS/2) connector to a computer with a 9 pin D-SUB (Serial) connector.

This requires that the mouse handles both protocols. A mouse like this is sometimes referd to as a combo-mouse.

6 PIN MINI-DIN FEMALE (To the mouse)
9 PIN D-SUB FEMALE (To the computer)

6 PIN MINI-DIN FEMALE to the mouse.
9 PIN D-SUB FEMALE to the computer.

  Mini-DIN D-SUB  
RxD 2 2 RxD
TxD 6 3 TxD
+5V 4 7 RTS
Contributor: Joakim Ögren, Tomas Ögren, Thomas Eschenbacher
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