PC Terminal Settings

These are the relevant PC terminal settings used to download files from an IBM-PC to the EyeBot. You may use Windows Terminal Emulator, DOS Kermit, or Hyperterm on Windows95, among others.

Windows Terminal

  • Terminal Preferences/Terminal Modes/Local Echo = off
  • Settings/Communications/Baud Rate = 57600 (Max)
  • Settings/Communications/Data Bits = 8
  • Settings/Communications/Parity = None
  • Settings/Communications/Stop Bits = 1

    DOS Kermit

    In the DOS Kermit program, you may make a customized initialization file, called MSCUSTOM.INI in the same directory as MSKERMIT.INI. The following parameters are needed:
  • set port 1 (Use COM1)
  • set speed 57600 (Transmission speed)
  • set parity none (No Parity)
  • set terminal display 8 (Terminal byte size for 8-bit chars)
  • set local off (No echo to PC screen (faster))
  • set printer nul (Use if no printer on PC)