EyeBot - Mobile Robot Vision Platform

Downloading Programs

Program Description

This built-in facility controls the transmission of user programs from a host computer (e.g. an IBM PC or compatible) over the serial interface to the EyeBot RAM or Flash-ROM. It is one of a number of system routines provided with the EyeBot hardware, which allow users to design and run their own applications.

Settings on Host and EyeBot

Data Transmission

During the transmission, the Download Program provides the name of the program being loaded, and a progress report with the number of bytes received. The final output is a successful completion screen, and the opportunity to run the loaded program.

Exception Reports

The Download Program provides a returncode to the EyeBot operating sytem, in the event that it encounters invalid data transmission events. The download is aborted at the point where the error occurs. The user program cannot be run if an error occurs during its transmission. The condition that caused the error must be corrected, and another download attempt made. A brief error message will be displayed on the LCD.

Program Limitations

Command Sequence

Thomas Bräunl, Barbara Linn, and Klaus Schmitt, 1997