Autonomous Ships and
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)

We have developed Mako, our first AUV with four independetly controlled motors, two for direction and two for active diving, The AUV is slightly buoyant and has an automatic righting effect because of its low center of mass. The AUV is controlled by an EyeBot controller, dirving four motors and interfacing to a velocimeter and four echo sounders. Also integrated is a mini-PC board solely for on-board image processing using a web-cam. Mini-Pc and EyeBot are connected via a serial interface.

Bluetooth, WLAN and Inreared are used for communicating to a host station once the AUV has surfaced. Submerged operation is fully autonomous.

AUV Settings

TPU  0-7   Motor speed and direction for motors A, B, C, D
TPU  14    Infrared remote control
DO 4       .
DI 0-7     compass
Serial1    User interface and interface to camera mini-PC
Serial2    BlueTooth wireless interface

Thomas Bräunl