EyeBot-Robots Overview

A/Prof Thomas Bräunl, The Univ. of Western Australia

There are a number of ways to build complete robots with an EyeBot controller. So far we have built several different wheeled, walking and flying robots.

The first decision is whether to use servos (which we did for all walking robots, 6legged and biped) or DC motors (which we used for all wheeled robots). There are very cheap and very expensive motors around. E.g. for the SoccerBots we use the highest quality motors available with encapsulated gears and encapsulated encoders. However, on the other side of the spectrum - if you do not care about driving accuracy - you can just adapt a cheap model car and drive it with an EyeBot controller.

The second decision is which sensors to use. Obviously, we want to have a digital camera for all robots, but the distance sensors may vary. E.g. in the past we used infra-red distance sensors, infra-red proxies, sonars, and tactile sensors. The biped walking robots use acceleration sensors, which we don't need on the vehicles, which on the other hand use a compass.

See robot videos.

Thomas Bräunl