Model Cars

Robot developments like the driving robots are quite expensive, because we basically use the highest quality parts available (e.g. precision motors with encapsulated encoders, LiIon batteries without memory effect, special purpose mechanics, etc.). However, there may be cases when one does not need high accuracy and would like to construct a simpler and more affordable robot system. For such an application we interfaced the EyeBot to several (remote control) model cars, which can be bought from either hobby or toy shops. For details see the book "Embedded Robotics".

Model car companies:

Basically all sorts of model cars can be interfaced to the EyeBot controller. The price difference between model cars is usually due to quality differences in motors, power electronics and steering mechanism. Here, I will distinguish between higher quality model cars and really cheap toy cars.

Model Car Settings (version B)

TPU  0     driving speed
TPU  1     steering speed
TPU  2-13  free
TPU 14     PSD
TPU 15     audio out
DO 0-1     driving motor direction (A)
DO 2-3     steering motor direction (B)
DO 4-7     free
DI 0-7     free (e.g. bumper)
AD 0       microphone
AD 1       battery level
AD 2       steering angle
AD 3-7     free

Thomas Bräunl