EyeSim - EyeBot Simulator

The EyeBot simulator EyeSim is a multiple mobile robot simulator that allows experimenting with the same unchanged EyeBot programs that run on the real robots. EyeSim includes simulation of the robot's driving actuators (differential steering), as well as all robot sensors, including:

A 3D scene representation of the environment and all robots in it is being shown, together with a list of active robots. Clicking on a robot from this list will identify the robot in the environment and also open a window to show its control panel (equivalent to the LCD display and buttons on the EyeBot controller) for communicationg via the robot's user interface.

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The simulation implementation differs from most other approaches, since we wanted to be able to re-compile EyeBot programs for simulation without having to change their source code in any way. Since you will compile any EyeBot program with the RoBIOS library for use on the robot, we created another version of this library with idendical headers, which serves as the simulation engine (see Libraries).

EyeSim Features

EyeSim V6 has been implemented by Andreas Koestler and Axel Waggershauser under the direction of Thomas Bräunl. EyeSim V6 runs under Windows using fltk and OpenGL, while EyeSim V5 runs under Linux using OpenGL, Qt, and commoncpp. More details on EyeSim can be found at:
Thomas Bräunl