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Behavior Class Reference

#include <Behavior.h>

Inheritance diagram for Behavior:

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Detailed Description

Base class from which all behaviors are derived. This provides them with the same base properties and makes adaptations that are to effect all behaviors easier.
Jia L. Du

Public Member Functions

 Behavior ()
void setCommander (Commander &aCommander)
void initialize (void)

Protected Attributes

double clusterRadius
double myClusterPointDensity

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

void Behavior::initialize void   

The simulator does not allow the usage of RoBIOS functions in class constructors. Therefore we use public initialize methods for classes that need RoBIOS functions for their initializations.

Reimplemented in Communicator.

void Behavior::setCommander Commander   aCommander

Used to set the commander for this behavior

aCommander The commander for this behavior
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Member Data Documentation

double Behavior::clusterRadius [protected]

Every Behavior knows the size of the cluster area

Drive* Behavior::drive [protected]

Every Behavior gets access to the Drive to control robot movement

double Behavior::myClusterPointDensity [protected]

This value is used to store the estimated cube density of the current cluster point

Commander* Behavior::myCommander [protected]

Every Behavior knows its own commander (e.g. to tell the commander that the behavior wants to cede control or wants to sleep for some time)

SIR* Behavior::sir [protected]

Every Behavior gets access to the high-level environment information provided by the SIR

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