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LCD Class Reference

#include <LCD.h>

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Detailed Description

This class provides methods to access the robot LCD.
Jia L. Du

Public Member Functions

 LCD ()
void setMenu (char *menuItem1, char *menuItem2, char *menuItem3, char *menuItem4)
void setMenuItem (int position, char *menuItem)
void clear ()
void putString (char *string)

Static Private Attributes

const int MENU_POSITION_1 = 1
const int MENU_POSITION_2 = 2
const int MENU_POSITION_3 = 3
const int MENU_POSITION_4 = 4

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

void LCD::clear  

Clears the LCD (what about the menu??)

void LCD::putString char *    string

Write the given string to the current cursor position and move down one row

void LCD::setMenu char *    menuItem1,
char *    menuItem2,
char *    menuItem3,
char *    menuItem4

Sets the texts for the LCD menu entries

menuItem1 The text for the first menu entry
menuItem2 The text for the second menu entry
menuItem3 The text for the third menu entry
menuItem4 The text for the fourth menu entry

void LCD::setMenuItem int    position,
char *    menuItem

Sets the text for a specific LCD menu entry

menuItem The text for the menu entry

Member Data Documentation

const int LCD::MENU_POSITION_1 = 1 [static, private]

Value to identify position 1 in the LCD menu

const int LCD::MENU_POSITION_2 = 2 [static, private]

Value to identify position 2 in the LCD menu

const int LCD::MENU_POSITION_3 = 3 [static, private]

Value to identify position 3 in the LCD menu

const int LCD::MENU_POSITION_4 = 4 [static, private]

Value to identify position 4 in the LCD menu

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