Test images

To make it simpler to develop Eyebot image processing functions without a Eyebot controller available, we have made a small library of test images. The images are in PPM format.

To load the images into type image or colimage we have made a small C library (tar.gz 56k) available. This packet also contains Eyebot program ImACam to take color snapshots.

What is PPM images

PPM is one of the simplest image formats in the book. We use the ASCII PPM format, where all data is clear text with white space as separators. The test images are type RGB color, 82x62 pixels wide, with max value 255. The format is like this: "P3 <width> <heigth> <depth> <pixel 1> <pixel 2> ... <pixel widht*heigth>"
Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com>
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