The newest AERO version

At the moment AERO is at Version 1.7.0. This version has the following additional features compared to V1.6.0: (Remark: There was a version 1.6.1 announced after 1.6.0. This version has been cancelled. We stepped directly to 1.7.0. I hope this didn't confuse anybody.)
Here is an excerpt of the CHANGES file that shows the changes from V1.6.0 to V1.7.0:
Date:		Apr 95
Changed File:	Editor.c
Comment:	Added TODO list.

Date:		28. Apr 95
Changed File: 	Animation.c Welt.h
Comment:	Added a backward-play functionality.

Date:           1. Aug 95
Changed File:   Editor.h
Comment:     	Inserted option '-h' to get some help about allowed

Date:           10 Aug 95
Changed File:   Editor.c Animation.c
Comment:	Inserted option '-r' for raytracer output while in
		batch mode. The selected raytracer is POVray 2.x.

Date:		18. Aug 95
Changed File:	animat.c
Comment:	Background color for normal mode and red-green mode
                are now independant. In red-green mode it is still
                white, in normal mode it is taken from the widget

Date:		23. Aug 95
Changed File:	Makefile.sun5
Comment:	Added options '-L/usr/ucblib -R/usr/ucblib -lucb' to
                the Makefile. Thanks to William Reiken for this hint.

Date:		25. Aug 95
Changed File:	Editor.c Editor.h ObjektAktionen.c Hilfroutinen.c 
                Animation.c app-defaults/XAero
Comment:	To Delete all sync-points a confirmation is now
                required. 'Select next group' functionality is also

Date:		11. Sep 95
Changed File:	darstellung.c visualisierung.h Editor.c Animation.c
Comment: 	Object selection and offset scrolling by mouse added.
                Thanks to Arijan Siska for the basic implementation.

Date:		14. Sep 95
Changed File:	ZusGesObjekte.c
Comment:	Planes are not allowed in grouped objects. This bug is 
		now fixed.

Date:		2. Okt 95
Changed File:	ObjektAktionen.c
Comment:	If some parameters of a 'rod link' are changed, the
                length of the rod is now recalculated automatically. 

Date:		9. Nov 95
Changed File:	ObjektAktionen.c
Comment:	Creating links and 'directed forces' now uses object
                selection by mouse. 

Date:		20. Aug 96
Changed Files:	Menu.c Editor.c HilfsRoutinen.c
Comment:	Replaced raytracer selection again to get rid off the
		need for the xpm-library. Now there are simple Athena
		toggle widgets.

Date:		21. Aug 96
Changed Files:  Makefile.solaris (was Makefile.sun5)
Comment:	Cleaned up. The use of libucb caused the file selector
		to fail. Partly static linking now possible.

Date:		26. Aug 96
Changed Files:	Makefile.sunos (was Makefile.sun4)
Comment:	Resembles now Makefile.solaris2.x.

Date:		27. Aug 96
Changed Files:	io.c gleichungsloeser.c kollision.c invserv.c animat.c
Comment:	Some fixes to avoid compiler warnings.

Date:		29. Aug 96
Changed Files:	animat.c darstellung.c rayausg.c inventor.c invserv.c
Comment:	Some declarations made static to avoid conflicts in
		the future.

Date:		29. Aug 96
Changed Files:	ausgabe.h beruehrung.h bewegungsgleichungen.h 
		folgeschrittberechnung.h gleichungsloeser.h integration.h
		io.h koerper.h kollision.h kollisionsbehandlung.h kraft.h
		materialien.h stoss.h vektor.h
Comment:	Functions declared extern to avoid conflicts when
                including these header files.

Date:		29. Aug 96
Changed Files:	Makefile.sunos Makefile.solaris Makefile.iris4d 
Comment:	More or less redesign of the Makefiles, compilation
		should be easier now.

Date:		30. Aug 96
Comment:	More elaborate explanations.

Date:		31. Aug 96
Changed Files:	README.fwf (new), README.inventor, FAQ
Comment:	Still some more information.

There are some minor changes scheduled for the future. E.g. the synchronisation between AERO and the Inventor process should be improved. All in all, the inventor part in conjunction with PVM needs some additional work to get it more user friendly. A rather major modification will be the translation of the German comments to English. However, this will take some time. There is interest of some people to include additional raytracing backends in AERO.

Hartmut Keller
Last modified: Sat Aug 31 19:43:28 1996