Parallel Image Processing

Thomas Bräunl
with Stefan Feyer, Wolfgang Rapf, Michael Reinhardt


This research book is based on our massively parallel programming language Parallaxis, which is based on the SIMD programming model. It examines a complete library of standard image processing operations and analyzes their implementation in a data-parallel context. The book starts with point operators and local operations such as edge dection, corner detection and morphology, then continues to Hough and Fourier transforms and also includes stereo image and image sequence processing.

English edition:    Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 2001, pp. (IX, 205)
Chinese edition:   Xi’an Jiaotong University Press, 2003, pp. (XII, 198)
German edition:   Addison-Wesley, Bonn, 1995, pp. (IX, 205)

Additional Information

1 Introduction
2 Point Operators
3 Local Operators
4 Edge Detection
5 Skeletonizing
6 Morphological Operators
7 Segmentation
8 Corner Detection
9 Hough Transform
10 Fourier Transform
11 Texture Recognition
12 Stereo Image Processing
13 Analysis of Image Sequences

A The Parallel Programming Language
Parallaxis B Parallaxis-III Syntax
C Vision Library
E References