1. ALU design (lab)
  2. CPU design (lab)
  3. Assembly for MC68332 (lab)
  4. C programming:
    Servo control
  5. Sensors and LCD ouput (lab)
  6. DC motor control (lab)
  7. Position control of differential-drive (lab)
  8. PSD, electromagnet (lab)
  9. Camera interface (lab)
  10. Image processing (lab)
  11. Final project (lab)
  12. Review

Embedded Systems 620.220

Welcome to the homepage for the Embedded Systems 620.220 tutorial and laboratory sessions.

During this course you will be required to complete 10 laboratories. Each laboratory is meant to teach you some basic knowledge about embedded computing and sensor integration. Each lab will build upon knowledge learned in the past labs, resulting in a complete system at the end of the course.

The course syllabus can be found here.

For information regarding the Eyebot or mobile robotics, look here.

I suggest reading this microcontroller primer to give you a good introduction to embedded computing.

Tutor - Joshua Petitt

Lab Supervisors - Martin Masek, Jason Foo




Questions? Email Josh Petitt

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