Labs for HPES 2010


Small Individual Projects (weeks 7-8)

1. Pong 

    Chumby with ActionScript 2.0 / Shockwave Flash

    - Single player against wall

    - use of finger or acceleration sensor to move paddle

    - score-keeping optional

2. Reaction Test

    TI-Chronos with C

    - Start App by pressing a button

    - After random time (1-5s) timer starts in display

    - Stopped by pressing any button, showing reaction time

Large Group Projects (weeks 9-12)

REV1:  Improved Sat-Nav application for REV Eco (Getz)

              using EyeBot M6 controller

REV2:  Trip computer using GPS data for distance, time, containing:

              total/elapsed time, average/max speed, average/max energy consumption,

              max acceleration 0-50, 0-100

Chumby1: Display Location and operational status of EV Charging Stations in WA

Chumby2: Reaction game using acceleration sensors, e.g. break-out

TI-Chronos1: Tennis hit analysis

TI-Chronos2: Sleep-motion analysis


T.B. Feb. 2011