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 Embedded Systems


  • Embedded Controllers
  • Embedded Operating Systems
  • EyeBot Controller Family
  • RoBIOS Robot Operating System


    RoBIOS   =  Robot BIOS

Operating system for EyeBot controllers, multi-tasking, device drivers, hardware decription table

EyeBot M7

Embedded controller for robotics applications digital camera, sensors, motor drivers, Raspberry Pi

EyeBot M6

ARM-generation EyeBot controller, with on-board progrmmable Xilinx FPGA, Linux, Arm9, Bluetooth, LAN, USB host, stereo cameras

EyeBot M5

Embedded controller for industrial and robotics applications, digital camera, sensors, motor drivers, Motorola 68332

EyeBot Jr.

Simplified EyeBot version, based on PIC controller

    Professor Dr. Thomas Bräunl, UWA EECE, 35 Stirling Hwy., Perth Crawley WA6009, Australia, +61 8 6488 3897