Balancing Robots

BallyBot is an experimental balancing robot on two side-by-side wheels, similar to an inverted pendulum. We are using BallyBot as an experimental platform to gain insight in sensor system and control systems to be implemented for humanoid robots.

Two of these experimental robots have been built so far. Bally1 (right) is a simple construction on a single piece of aluminium, holding the controller, sensor, and two Faulhaber motors with wheels.Bally2 (left) is a more compact mechanic design with identical sensors, but motors with a higher gear ratio. The robot is actively balancing and can be driven using IR-Remote input like a remote controlled car. For details see the book "Embedded Robotics".

See balancing robot videos.

BallyBot 2 BallyBot 1

Alistair Sutherland, Rich Ooi
Thomas Bräunl