The EyeTrack vehicle is a modified model car using tracks for locomotion. We are using an EyeBot controller for driving the vehicle and reading its sensor data. Since this robot is to be able to navigate in terrain, we use a number of orientation sensors to avoid going up or down too steep inclines. The camera is mounted in an active cardanic fashion using three servos for three axes.

One of the projects involving EyeTrack is an "intelligent remote control". The robot drives under remote control and returns images and other sensor data. However the robot adapts its speed automatically to environment conditions and refuses to execute any commands that could result in the robot getting stuck or falling over. This system could be very useful for a number of rescue or bomb defusing scenarios.


EyeTrack from the side with EyeBot controller

Sensors on bottom of EyeTrack (compass, gyroscope) and digital drive unit

Vehicle Specific Settings

TPU  0     driving motor speed
TPU  6     braking servo
TPU  7-9   sensor inputs
TPU 10-12  camera control

Thomas Bräunl