EyeSim VR - EyeBot Mobile Robot Simulator

Read the book to the simulator: Robot Adventures in Python and C, Bräunl, Springer 2020


The EyeBot simulator with virtual reality EyeSim VR is a multiple mobile robot simulator with VR functionality based on game engine Unity 3D that allows experiments with the same unchanged EyeBot programs that run on the real robots. EyeSim VR is capable of simulating all major functionalities in RoBIOS-7, including:
  • LCD Output/Key Input
  • Camera output
  • PSD Sensors
  • Servos and Motors
  • V-Omega Driving
  • Radio Communication

Users can build 3D customized simulation environments using a world or maze file, place any number of different kind of robots, and also add different kind of objects to the simulation. Due to Unity's excellent physics engine, the simulation of the motion of robots and the interactions between robots and objects/walls is highly realistic and accurate, which considerably improves the quality of simulation. To make simulations more realistic, users can also add errors to the simulation (because real robots aren't perfect) using the simulated error functions we provide.


  • Simulation of RoBIOS functions
  • Simulate physical interactions with objects
  • Robots and objects status inspections
  • Build customized environment with world or maze files
  • Trace of robots
  • Rotate/Relocate robots and objects
  • Pause, resume and speed up simulations
  • Change camera to birds-eye view and reset camera


Inspector Windows

LCD Display

Camera Display


See link

System Requirements

If you encounter any bugs, please file a full bug report for the lastest available EyeSim version.

Operating Systems OS Version Prerequisites
Windows Windows 8.1, 10 Cygwin (EyeSim version), Xming
Mac OS 10.10.X XQuartz
Linux 64 bit


You can access the ftp server for all available downloads or

  • Download the User Manual for detailed instructions on how to setup EyeSim-VR on your computer
  • To download the simulator directly:
  • Platform Download

    EyeSimVR-Windows latest

    Mac OS

    EyeSimVR-Mac latest


    EyeSimVR-Linux latest

  • Download Example Programs, Robot Models, Worlds
  • View Example Environment Files:
  • World format (Saphira), see example

    Maze format (Micromouse) see example



    1. Download and install EyeSim for Windows here.
    2. Download cygwin.zip and Xming.zip from here.
    3. Unzip cygwin.zip to C:\Program Files (x86)\eyesim\cygwin.
    4. Unzip Xming.zip to C:\Program Files (x86)\eyesim\Xming.
    5. Download and unzip eyesimX (EyeSim Examples) from here.

    Mac OS

    1. Download and install Xcode.
    2. Download and insall XQuartz.
    3. Note: Your system default XQuartz app may need to be removed and reinstalled from the above link to include X11.
    4. Run the following command in terminal to link the X11 library:
      sudo ln -s /opt/X11/include/X11 /usr/local/include/X11
    5. Download and install EyeSim for macOS here.
    6. Download and unzip eyesimX (EyeSim Examples) from here.


    1. Install X11 library using following command:
      sudo apt-get install libx11-dev
    2. Download the latest EyeSim for Linux here.
    3. Unarchive the .tar.gz file and run the 'install.sh' script.
    4. Download and unzip eyesimX (EyeSim Examples) from here.