Omni-Directional Wheelchair
with Driver-Assistance System

 Design Objectives

  • Semi-autonomous omni-directional wheelchair
  • Footprint size about 1m x 1m, with payload about 100kg
  • Rimmed Mecanum wheel version
  • Independent suspension on all four wheels

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Mecanum Wheels

We have been often asked about where to purchase Mecanum wheels. Mecaum wheels are a Swedish patent from over 20 years ago, so it has expired by now. We designed and manufactured our own Mecanum wheels at UWA. However, there are some companies that are selling Mecanum wheels:


DNM Suspension have kindly provided us with the 4 independent suspension systems used on the wheelchair for free. The product is their DV-22 Torch Suspension, and is designed for mountain bicycles.
Technology Assisting Disability WA Inc have been a great help throughout the design and implementation of this wheelchair. They have provided us with product samples for trial on numerous occasions, and given us much feedback on practical wheelchair design.

Thomas Bräunl