RoboSim- A Simple 6-DOF Robot Manipulator Simulation System


RoboSim is a very simple simulation system for a 6 degres of freedom robot manipulator. The basic functions of the control panel are to move the manipulator either in joint coordinates or in cartesian coordinates. It is also possible, to change the view position or change length and color of the links. Joint weights may be set, in order to favor movement of individual joints versus others (e.g. joint 1 usually has a heavy weight, so the robot tries to move other links first).

The simulation system includes graphics (wire frame or shaded surfaces) and manipulator kinematics (forward and inverse kinematics). There are two implementations of RoboSim: one in C using X windows and one in Java. All source code is available via "anonnymous ftp".


The RoboSim C version runs on almost all Unix systems under X window, Java version runs as an application (and as a browser applet where possible). Precompiled versions and source codes are available via ftp.
RoboSim has been implemented by Rainer Pollak (original version) and Johannes Schützner (Java version), both under direction of Thomas Bräunl.
Thomas Bräunl