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 Mobile Robots


  • Driving Robots
  • Walking Robots
  • Autonomous Airplanes
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles


Embedded controller for and robotics applications,
digital camera, sensors, motor drivers


Autonomous driving robots, differential drive,
EyeBot controller, digital camera, infrared


Mecanum-wheel design, omni-directional robots,
EyeBot controller


Wheelchair with Mecanum wheel omni-directional
drive system, sensor-based driver assistance
system for handicapped drivers

not so
Grand Challenge

"Grand Challenge" on a shoestring budget,
using modified model cars with embedded
controllers, GPS sensors


Tracked driving robots for terrain navigation,
Eyebot controller, attitude and inertial sensors

Robot Soccer

Small size robot soccer team in RoboCup and
FIRA WorldCup competitions, EyeBot controller

Android Biped

Biped walking android robots, several generations
with different actuator and sensor equipment


Balancing driving robots as studies for biped
sensor equipment, Kalman filter

Legged Walking

Six-legged walking robots with two dof per leg,
various sensor equipment

Planes UAV

Autonomous planes / Unmanned aerial vehicles,
embedded controller with GPS and digital

Submarines AUV

Autonomous submaries / Autonomous underwater
vehicles, embedded controller with inertial sensor

    Professor Dr. Thomas Bräunl, UWA EECE, 35 Stirling Hwy., Perth Crawley WA6009, Australia, +61 8 6488 3897