HOW TO Compile and Run a Plugin for SubSim

SubSim uses plugins to extend its functionallity and the GUI interface to provide new functions to the user.

Loading Plugins

Which plugins are loaded on the simulator and if their GUI is (if part of the plugin) visible on startup, is specified in the application settings "settings.xml" file. Please see for more details.

Developing and Compiling Plugins

Using Microsoft Visual Studio 7.1

Step 1. Create a blank solution.

Step 2. Create a Win32 Project. In the Win32 Application Wizard, make sure the Application type is DLL and Additional options are set to Empty project.

Step 3. Open the project properties dialog and do the following:

Step 4. Add the files plugin.h and plugin.cpp to the project. DO NOT CHANGE THESE FILES. They provide the interface between the application and your plugin.

Step 5. Write your plugin. Examples are provided in the Plugins directory

Plug-in Guidelines

The following are general guidelines for writing plugins:

Compile the Plugin as a .dll and add its path to the settings.xml file of SubSim as described above.