Improv - Image Processing for Robot Vision

"See it Live at the Improv!"

Screen shot of Improv


Improv is a tool for basic real time image processing at low resolution, e.g. suitable for mobile robots.
It has been developed for PCs with the Linux operating system and runs under X Windows
Improv works with a number of inexpensive low-resolution digital cameras (no framegrabber required).

Version 5.1 now on ftp server!


Improv 5 has been completely re-written, and now contains the following features: Improv also includes support for the following cameras: Improv displays the source image (from either a still image or a live camera) in the first window, while subsequent image operations can be applied to this image in five more windows. For each sub-window, a sequence of image processing routines may be specified.


Improv has been implemented by Michael Rudolph, Thomas Bräunl, Elliot Nichols, Gerrit Heitsch, Uli Mezger, Glen Horlin and Leon Koch under direction of Thomas Bräunl.

Thomas Bräunl