Modula-P - A Structured Asynchronous Parallel Programming Language


Modula-P is a structured programming language for asynchronous parallel programming (MIMD systems), developed by Thomas Bräunl in 1986. The language is based on sequential Modula-2, but extended by machine-independent parallel constructs. Modula-P allows explicit declaration and starting of processes. The language includes the classical synchronization concepts of semaphores, monitors with conditions, and remote procedure calls.


The Modula-P software comprises compilers for sequential and parallel computer systems and a few sample algorithms.

The sequential version runs on almost all Unix systems: Sun SPARCstation, DECstation, HP 9000, IBM RS6000. There are parallel versions for Workstations clusters, Sequent Symmetry, and Intel Paragon.

Modula-P has been implemented using the Unix compiler generation tools lex and yacc by Roland Norz under direction of Thomas Bräunl.


Thomas Bräunl