Register-Transfer-Object Hardware Simulator


Retro is a tool for designing synchronous hardware systems on register-transfer level. The tool comprises all essential building blocks, from simple AND/OR/NOT gates over registers, adders, multipliers, to RAM and ROM memory modules.

Retro is being used as an educational tool for digital circuit design. Its graphical user interface allows easy pick and place of components from a palette and their interconnection. Execution can be continuously running or in single-step mode.

Retro has been implemented in Java and runs as applet (e.g. under Netscape) or as a stand-alone application.





This software package (precompiled versions and sources) is distributed under the GNU public licence.

Retro has been implemented by B. "Toy" Chansavat under direction of Thomas Bräunl. Thanks to Ewan MacLeod and Gavin Hangchi for updating the sources and porting the package to jar.

March 2006

Thomas Bräunl